Strutters: An Introduction and History of Texas' Legendary Dance Team is the first book to be written about the Texas State State Strutters. The book was written to honor an internationally acclaimed dance group, and its creator, Barbara Tidwell, who served as choreographer and director for thirty-seven years. Included in the book are a list of previous Strutters, numerous photos, stories, and events which track the group from its beginning to the present under the new directorship of Susan Angell-Gonzalez, a former Strutter officer.

The "spirit" of Strutters is captured in this quotation from the book: When you heard the emcee say, "And now, ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you the Texas State Strutters," the girls felt as if they were lifted into the clouds, especially if "Giant" was being played. And the moments of silence when waiting for the routine to start were among those of the greatest exhilaration Strutters can feel. It was as if the whole world was standing still for them, waiting for something truly wonderful to happen.

Current and past Strutters, Strutter managers, parents and relatives of Strutters, and others interested in the group, Texas State University, and/or dance, will find the book of interest as it chronicles the four decades of Strutter history.

Book sales are limited so purchase your copy today. The cost is $20.00 + $5.00 for shipping and handling. You can order your copy online at the Texas State Alumni Online Store or you can mail your payment and order to the SWT Alumni Association Chapter, "Strutters Always".

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